[Radio-controlled watches/clocks] Can radio radio-controlled watches/clocks receive radio signals anywhere on earth?

Radio-controlled watches/clocks sold in Japan are in principle designed to be used in Japan. If they are used outside Japan, the time adjustment function that uses standard time signals will not operate. Without this function, the watch/clock has the same accuracy as a normal quartz watch/clock. However, it may happen that the watch/clock receives a standard time signal even outside Japan. In such a case, they will automatically adjust to the Japan time. If the watch/clock features an automatic time adjustment function, turn it off.

We recommend purchasing products that support standard time signals of other countries for people living outside Japan, for a gift to people living outside Japan, for foreigners traveling in Japan who would like to use their watches/clocks after returning to their countries, or any other person who wants to use the time adjustment function outside Japan.

There are products that can be used in different regions such as North America, Europe, or China, but the region may differ depending on the manufacturer and the product. Consult the manufacturer for details.

(Note): The above information applies to the members of
the Japan Clock & Watch Association and their products.