What is a counterfeit watch or clock?

Recently, many counterfeit watches or clocks (illegal products) are sold on markets in and out of Japan. Also, there is a possibility that they are offered through the Internet websites. As shown below in sample photographs, sometimes it is hard to distinguish such counterfeit timepieces from genuine ones at a glance since many of them carry the same (or similar) brand names as genuine timepieces, or the design of such counterfeit timepieces bears close similarity to genuine ones. However, counterfeit watches or clocks are actually of inferior material, quality or function. Some of them may stop operating soon after you purchase them.

The followings are sample photographs of genuine and counterfeit watches or clocks.
(Provided by member manufacturers of the Japan Clock and Watch Association: hereinafter referred to as JCWA)

Genuine products Illegal products
Genuine product example 1 Illegal product example1
Genuine product example 2 Illegal product example2
Genuine product example 3 Illegal product example 3
Genuine product example 4 Illegal product example4
Genuine product example 5 Illegal product example5