Watch & Clock Museum

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National Museum of
Nature and Science

Japan Gallery 1F-South
: Techiques in Observing Nature
National Museum of Nature and Science
Photo : National Museum of Nature and Science

7-20, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8718, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)3-5777-8600 (Hello dial)

  • National Museum of Nature and Science
    Japan Gallery 1F-South
    : Techiques in Observing Nature Floor Maps

  • Exhibits :

    There are permanent exhibits such as "changes of Japanese calendar", "temporal hour system and Japanese traditional clocks (Wadokei)", and "modern horological industry".
    The examples of Wadokei include marionette clocks, wall clocks, lantern clocks, large lantern clocks, carriage clocks, and pillar clocks. There are also wall clocks, table clocks, pocket watches, and watches that are historically valuable.


4-3-13, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)3-5159-1881
Fax : +81-(0)3-5159-1899

  • Exhibits :

    The Seiko museum was established in 1981 to assemble and preserve various research materials related to time and time-keeping instruments.
    The exhibits cover a range of subjects, including the evolution of time and time-keeping instruments, the history of Seiko products, sports timing instruments, and Japanese traditional clocks (Wadokei). Through them, children and adults can enjoy the story of horology and acquire a new understanding of the history of time keeping.
    About 11,000 watches and clocks, as well as 250 Wadokei and nishiki-e (brocade pictures) are housed as sample materials. There are also about 16,000 books as literary materials.

Daimyo Clock Museum
Daimyo Clock Museum

2-1-27, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-001, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)3-3821-6913

  • Exhibits :

    Japanese traditional clocks (Wadokei) include large lantern clocks, lantern clocks, pillar clocks, Carriage Clocks, Turtle-shell "Inro" pocket watches, Incense clocks.



3289, Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano 393-0015, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)266-27-0001
Fax : +81-(0)266-27-1339 (Japanese site)

  • Exhibits :

    A water-driven, 12 meter high astronomical clock, which had been made in China 900 years ago, was restored completely for the first time in the world.
    There are a "clock and watch studio" where visitors can experience making original clocks and watches, and an interactive "permanent exhibition room" which explains mechanisms of time and time-keeping instruments in simple terms.

Matsumoto Timepiece Museum
Matsumoto Timepiece Museum

1-21-15, Chuo, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-0811, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)263-36-0969
Fax : +81-(0)263-36-0973 (Japanese site)

  • Exhibits :

    The museum has one of the Japan's richest collections of antique clocks in motion so that visitors can enjoy the movement of pendulums and the sound of bells.
    The permanent exhibition room on the 1st floor introduces how clocks were popularized to ordinary houses based on the theme of "the evolution of time-keeping instruments".
    The permanent exhibition room on the 2nd floor has an extensive collection of antique clocks and watches in various corners with the theme of "the great antique clock and watch world". A special exhibition room is located on the 3rd floor.

Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum
Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum

1938-88, Nishiminowa, Ina-shi, Nagano 399-4501, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)265-72-2500 (Japanese site)

  • Exhibits :

    Three-hundred mechanical watches made in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries are exhibited.
    There are "a mini-theater" that introduces the history and mechanisms of clocks and watches as well as a "clock workshop" where visitors can disassemble and assemble clocks.

The Museum Meiji-Mura
Mie Prefectural Office
The Museum Meiji-Mura

MUSEUM MEIJI-MURA, 1, Uchiyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi 484-0000, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)568-67-0314

  • 1-13, Meiji-Mura Mie Prefectural Office
    (Permanent gallery : Watch & Clock in the Meiji period) MEIJI-MURA MAP

  • Exhibits :

    About 30 clocks are exhibited, and the examples include Japanese traditional clocks (Wadokei), western clocks, and made-in-Japan clocks centered mainly on clocks made in the Meiji period.

Oumi Jingu Shrine
The treasure hall and clock museum
Oumi Jingu Shrine Clock Treasure Museum

1-1, Jingu-cho, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0015, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)77-522-3725
Fax : +81-(0)77-522-3860

  • Exhibits :

    The treasure hall and clock museum were established in 1963 in the birthplace of Japanese time system.
    The clock museum on the 1st floor displays a wide range of clocks and watches, including a pocket watch presented by the Takamatsu no Miya Family (a descendent of the Arisugawa no Miya Family), various Japanese traditional clocks (Wadokei), and clocks of all ages and countries.
    The treasure hall on the 2nd floor exhibits various types of treasures such as Chinese Landscape screen by Soga Shohaku (which is an Important Cultural Property and its copy is on display). There is also a clock and watch studio on the 1st floor and it provides repair services.

Akashi Municipal Planetarium

2-6, Hitomaru-chou, Akashi, Hyogo 673-0877, JAPAN
Tel : +81-(0)78-919-5000

  • Exhibits :

    The Akashi Municipal Planetarium was established on Time Memorial Day, June 10, 1960, and has displays related to "time" and "space". It is located on the Japan Standard Time Merdian of 135 degrees east longitude and has a 54 meter high observation tower and a large-scale planetarium.
    There are exhibits of information on time and time-keeping instruments including a planetarium, exhibition rooms (Akashi, the city on the Japan Standard Time Merdian and galleries of time and space), and a "passion flower" (named as "Tokeiso" in Japanese, which means a clock plant because its pistil comprised of three parts resembles clock hands) and a "water clock" at an entrance area.